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The wheel of time rolls on, chasing mankind to move on: sewing machine was a household tool not so long ago, it was more than just a machine for the last generation, it was a tool to wave people dreams; the ardent yearning for a better future for female sewing workers and their families was the only thing that kept them going through the countless sleepless nights, pulling the string to get closer to their dreams—— one stitch at a time. The hands of the workers are the testimony of their fortitude.



為了向這些堅毅的女性致敬,ibility 2016年的秋冬服裝系列就以織夢者為題,設計靈感源自19世紀歐洲的編織女工:身穿圍裙,內搭裇衫襯衣的女工在小木屋內以精細手藝一針一線編出憧憬和夢想。紗線於棉布上遊走,繡出層層疊疊的立體圖案,為平凡的布藝添上色彩。把平面幻化為立體的概念在2016秋冬系列中的演繹得淋漓盡致,別出心裁的風琴式褶疊立體剪裁設計充份展現於吊帶裙、裇衫、外套之上。不對稱剪裁、斜形前襟、綁帶等細節把傳統工人服加以改良,為秋冬系列加入玩味創意,方便營造秋冬系列有趣活潑的mix & match,期望大家能透過拼搭創造出自己的夢想風格。

To pay tribute to these remarkable sewing workers, ibility 2016 AW collection is aspired by their attention to details and dedication, thus we have created a dream waver themed collection, with details from the clothing of the European sewing female workers in the 19th century: dressing in blouse with an apron, working in little wood chalets and waving their dreams with needles and threads. Colourful threads runs on the fabric like oil paint on a canvas, brings animals and plants to life with imagination and excellent craftsmanship. ibility’s 2016 AW collection plays with the idea of pattern cutting with 3D faceted structure, plates are found on slip dress, blouse and jacket. Unsymmetrical style, oblique front opening and drawstring are in play to refine the traditional workers clothes, lightening it up with just enough playfulness, that makes it more accessible for different style.



聖誕短片中一幕幕女主人緊握著孩子小手一步一步向前走,又與小女孩在樹下撿執松果,二人更雙雙在花園中編編起舞的溫馨片段,鼓勵不同年紀的人都披上織夢的衣裳,追尋屬於自己的夢想。年尾將至,ibility 寄望所有人都能幻化成自己的織夢小精靈,飛向來年精采新一頁。

Our team has created a Christmas video, in which a mother holds hand with her child, walking in the garden and picking up pine cones. The scene where two dance together warms our heart in this winter. ibility hopes to empower people to go chase their dreams with our designs. With 2016 coming to an end, we wish 2017 is the year where the wonderful chapter in your life begins.

Words: Emmy So

銷售地點/Aavailable at:

香港太古太古城路18號太古城中心1樓L114A-B ibility 專櫃

L114A-B. Eslite, 1/F Cityplaza 1, 18 Taikoo Shing Road, Taikoo Hong Kong

香港銅鑼灣軒尼詩道200 號 希慎廣場10樓L1001A ibility 專櫃

L1001A Eslite, 10/F Hysan Place, 200 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay Hong Kong

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