2017, Lit it up!


2016年對於世界來說,是動盪的一年:英國公投退出歐盟、Aleppo被炸得體無完膚、Leonard Coren去世、Donald Tramp當選⋯⋯世界正走向一個更未可知的方向,人心惶惶。世局之下,人類總是顯得如此被動而無力,我們也許沒有扭轉大局的能力,但我們的人生卻由自己主宰。2017年何不從自己的生活開始,以愛、以理解、以智慧去過每一天。一根蠟燭也許不能溫暖不了一個地方,但一千根蠟燭、一萬根蠟燭同時點燃,我們就可以改變溫度、改寫歷史。對於ibility來說,2016也是充滿挑戰的一年,我們於誠品開拓了ibilitylife工作坊場地,每月舉辦的工作坊拉近了我們跟客人之關係,以更親密、直接的方式了解他們的需要;今年也是ibility首次參與巴黎頂級的Maison & Objet家具展,在大大小小的跌碰中總算順利完成展覽;國內的業務也接近籌備的尾聲。團隊默默播種,寄望來年能近來豐收的季節。

2016 is coming to an end. After Christmas, when all the parties fade, it’s the best time to retrace the year and take a glance into the new one. Do you still remember what was the resolution you make at the end of 2015? And how many have you achieved? 2016 is a year of turbulence to the world, with Brexit, Aleppo being bombarded, the death of Leonard Coren, Donald Tramp being elected…the world is steering to the dimness of uncertainty. One might feel helpless and passive in the face of the world situation, after all we are no god, not even a world leader. What we do, how we feel, doesn’t seem to make any difference, however what we can take control of is the life of our own. In 2017, why don’t we start living our lives with love, understanding and wisdom? One candle might not warm up a place, but if thousands or ten of thousands of them lit up all at once, we can raise the temperature and rewrite history. To ibility, 2016 is also a challenging year: we had opened our first ibilitylife workshop in Eslite Bookstore, which allows us to interact with our customers and get to know them in a more intimate fashion; we participated in Maison & Objet Paris for the very first time—the top notch home decor design fair in Europe; our business preparation in China had also started to see the light of the end of the tunnel. 2016 is a year to sow for our team, and we cross our fingers that our effort will come to fruition in the years to come.

其實立誓改變自己的機會一年並不只一次,Everyday is a brand new day! 每一分、每一秒都是全新的,就像一張白紙,每天我們也有機會畫上跟昨日完全不同的風景,不管是用什麼顏料,或是一把剪刀,未來還是掌握於手裡。只有活出改變,才能期待改變蒞臨。2016或已塵埃落定,但2017正待你來創造。ibility將繼續耕耘,讓大家的生活變得有趣一點,也更美一點。請繼續期待ibility為大家帶來的小驚喜!

New year is not the only time of the year to make a change, after all, everyday is a brand new day! Every minute, every second is handed to us like white paper, we are given a chance every time to draw something completely different, with paints, with scissors, with whatever we have, the future is in our hands. Be the change that you wish to see in the world. 2016 might have come to an end, but 2017 is yet to be written. ibility will keep doing what we do best, making people life a little more beautiful and fun. Watch out for 2017, because our “think outside the box” is still wide opened.

Words: Emmy So


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香港太古太古城路18號太古城中心1樓L114A-B ibility 專櫃

L114A-B. Eslite, 1/F Cityplaza 1, 18 Taikoo Shing Road, Taikoo Hong Kong

香港銅鑼灣軒尼詩道200 號 希慎廣場10樓L1001A ibility 專櫃

L1001A Eslite, 10/F Hysan Place, 200 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay Hong Kong

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