Love is a Riddle



Lantern Festival is regarded as the Chinese Valentine’s day, the history goes far back to Han dynasty. The first full moon night of the year, people would gather on the street for the night market—a romantic marketplace for ancient youngsters. Guessing lantern riddles is one of the most popular entertainment in the past, “hipsters” would spend hours under the lantern, trying to figure out the riddles, and the first one to utter the right answer would definitely impress the crowd.


Under these flickering lanterns, countless romantic encounters are made. I can’t help but wonder, isn’t love a riddle itself? When you meet someone new, he/she often appears to be a riddle, you are attracted somehow but you know nothing about that person, but to find that answer, you have to pay attention, looking out for the most trivial expressions they make, what songs on their iTunes, what places they like to go during the weekend, if they march with their left or right leg first…every tiny details reveal something about that person, their personalities, their preferences, and those are the steps to find your way into their hearts. Solving the riddle is as alluring as love itself. That’s why I always think you can tell a lot if a couple understand each other by the gifts they make. If you really know someone, knowing what they need, even a simple gift can do the trick. There are always riddles along the river of romance, like every Valentine’s day is a challenge for all men 🙂 What is written in the riddle this year? You should be the only one in the world who could get to comprehend. Good luck!

Words: Emmy So


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L114A-B. Eslite, 1/F Cityplaza 1, 18 Taikoo Shing Road, Taikoo Hong Kong

香港銅鑼灣軒尼詩道200 號 希慎廣場10樓L1001A ibility 專櫃

L1001A Eslite, 10/F Hysan Place, 200 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay Hong Kong

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